K&H Geotechnical Services laboratory is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) for public testing services – Construction Materials. Our quality system has been audited by NATA for compliance to AS/NZS ISO/IEC 17025.

K&H Geotechnical Services is one of only three laboratories in Australia accredited with NATA to offer testing of Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete to the ASTM C1550 and is one of the only laboratories to offer a full underground sampling and testing service to the mining and tunnelling industry. This service has been employed on several mine sites throughout western NSW and on major tunnel projects in the metropolitan area.

K&H has a fleet of vehicles equipped for underground requirements for the supply and recovery of samples on any jobsite. Site testing and quality assurance is an integral part of the service offered by K&H Geotechnical.

NATA accredited services offered include:

On site slump testing

Casting of concrete cylinders

Shotcrete sampling and testing of cored panel for compressive strength and round determinate panel to ASTM C1550 for flexural strengths

Sampling of Flexural Beams

Insitu coring for assessment of shotcrete ground support

Concrete sampling & testing services

Aggregate size, shape & strength testing

Soils strength, density, plasticity and mechanical properties

Other services offered include

Supervision of earthworks and pavement projects for Quality Control

Pavement & Geotechnical Investigations

Level 1 Supervision & Testing according to AS3798

Soil and Aggregate Materials Evaluation

Residential and Commercial Lot Classifications